Privacy Policy

The privacy policy clearly addresses that the visitors to our website will be able to avail offers we provide and also liable to engage in the activities offered. Furthermore, we collect information from you in such a manner that it does not violate your right to privacy. The main purpose of creating the privacy policy is to provide you the useful information in the way collected by us, how we use cookies and personal information.

By using our website you accept the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Personal Information

We do not collect your personal information and data, until and unless you provide it to us. In case, if you have shared some information with us, then we will use that information to the purpose that you have consented. Also, we do not ask you to provide any information to participate in the website activities, to improve the website or something else.
Even, we do not disclose your personal information to any other third parties. In some cases, we will inform you if we have any intention to do so while collecting the information. Well, in this privacy policy we assure that no personal information is obtained from the users through this website.

However, there are the ways how we can use your information.

Newsletters: We have several newsletters that help in keeping the readers updated with the information on our authors, offers, and any specific event. If you subscribe one of our newsletters, then we will ask you to send you E-mail Id; just to send the newsletter to you. In order to personalize your newsletter, we may ask you to give your other information, such as name, age, location, gender, occupation, etc.

Email and Contact Details: You can easily contact us by sending us emails or by filling the contact forms on our website. We just use your information to reply to any query or suggestion asked by you.


On the website, we use cookies in order to enable some parts of the site to function properly. Moreover, we collect your personal information about your website use as that helps in improving the experience of the visitors.
Cookies are nothing, but just the small text files placed by the visited websites on your smartphones or computer. These cookies cannot harm your computer and do not any secret information that allows us to identify you personally, but they are just used to enable our websites so that your computer can be recognized or the name of the browser you are using.
The information really works to improve the website, even helps in identifying the parts of the site that can work better and lastly, allows you to analyze how frequently people visit your website. We will not disclose this data to anyone or any other information that you provide to us in a different way.