Experiences you should take on your trip to Thailand

From the beginning, Thailand’s amazing destinations have been tempting tourists all over the world. On my recent visit to Thailand, I experienced a lot of destinations that are a delight in themselves. If you are taking a trip to Thailand, I would like to recommend some of the best experiences that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.


In Thailand, you will experience Thai people hurry to prepare desserts, exotic dishes, and other delightful cuisines to offer the Bu Buddhist monks, who use to roam streets in the morning. In the country, offering food to monks is an essential aspect of Thai lifestyle.

The importance of Buddhism is a crucial part of Thai culture. When you reach Thailand, you’ll be greeted with respect and love as Thai people use to display generosity and hospitality to guests and strangers alike. Having a spirit of love and friendliness, the country has the symbol of mighty and friendly elephants that have a strong historical relationship with the Thais.

Undoubtedly, the Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the whole world. Wherever you travel, there’s likely to be a Thai restaurant that offers a complimentary Thai food, comprising an eclectic variety of herbs, vegetables, and meat. Moreover, Thai food also considered as one of the healthiest cuisines.

Talking about being fit and healthy, the next thing that strikes the doors of my mind is Thai sport of boxing, which is also known as Muay Thai. It is quite popular in the country as it not only represents the spirit of fighting, but it is also a part-ritual, part-athleticism, and part-performing arts.


Another popular experience that you should take in Thailand is Thai wellness & health. There are several Thai massages and spas popular worldwide and have now become an important part of Thai tourism as well.

For those, who are willing to relax, recharge, and restore their health as well as natural beauty, Thailand is the place that has all.

Well, it is the land where the body meets mind and science meet art. People of Thailand have sought to combine traditional and ancient methods of wellness therapies with Western efficiency and technology that bounds to offer you a unique level of comfort.

There are numerous boutique resorts and luxurious hotels that offer an array of treatments like Sea therapy, traditional oil massage, Thai herbal spa, mineral stone sand-bath, and hydrotherapy.


Thailand is a world of fantasy use to attract a lot of tourists worldwide. It trends numerous experiences that allow you feel a sense of positivity all around. It is a paradise for shoppers and a delight for every traveller who wishes to explore Thailand.

The country is one of the leading shopping destinations of Southeast Asia. From huge malls and street markets, the shopping culture of the country attracts millions of shopaholics every year. In Bangkok, there are famous markets such as Chinatown, Phahurat, and Chatuchak Weekend Market. When it comes to malls, there is Central World, Siam Paragon, and Emporium mall that offers an amazing shopping delight for the tourists. For shopping lovers, there are other avenues in other cities, namely Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Hat Pai Plaza Shopping center and Hua Hin Night Market.

Talking about entertainment in the country, there are lots of stage shows use to happen. Its entertainment culture is vibrant and dramatic that gives you an amazing visual delight. The shows and plays take you into a world of Thai culture and history. One of the popular shows, Siam Niramit show has its ornately designed costumes and sets, aerial performances, and magical illusions promise to give you a memorable experience.


Are you ready for some sanook? You must be thinking what is it all about? Well, in Thailand, Sanook means fun and enjoyment, which is the main essence of Thai lifestyle. People love to celebrate this festival and even their calendars are marked with several festivals happening in the year.

On the Thai calendar, the Songkran festival marks the New Year and is celebrated with full enjoyment in the mid of summer season. Quite similar to Holi in India, the Songkran is a water festival where Thai people throw water on each other to show the spirit of humanity and kindness.

Usually, at the end of the July, Thailand celebrates the Candle Festival with a competition of ornately carved wax creations in the form of large decorative candles that are exhibited in an impressive procession all over the city. The end of the Buddhist Lent is celebrated with one of the most fantastic events in Thailand, which is known as the International Swan Boat Race, held on the River of Chao Phraya in the month of September.

When the year is about to close, a famous Loi Krathong Festival is celebrated on a full moon night in November. The festival is a sparkling spectacle of floats containing candles, flowers, candles and incense sticks onto river and lakes.

Last but not the least, for romantics, there is a special festival known as Underwater Marriage Festival is held. It is one of the most exciting festivals in the country, which is celebrated on Valentine’s Day every year to address the couples.


Thailand is a fascinating destination, where different cultures reside. This fact is further defined by the historical gems of Thailand that trace its influence from two greatest civilizations, namely India and China. The country is infused with amazing places of historical significance out of which some of them are even famed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In Thailand, there are a huge number of temples located. However, the most popular ones are the Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho), Wat Benchamabophit and Wat Phra Kaew, etc.

In Bangkok, there is the Grand Palace that surrounds the temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Every single structure is quite complete in its own way and is gorgeously designed that offers a breathtaking view. These beautiful premises represent Thailand’s magnificent past and at the same time, resonates the spiritual message of Buddhism.


Thailand is popularly known as its spectacular beaches with a stunning backdrop. Enjoy the sun, sand, and serenity on the beaches of Thailand that will make you forget all your worries. You can even rest on white sandy beaches to soak in the sun, discover the underwater world, sip a cocktail under the shade of coconut palms- so what are you waiting for? Enjoy the exotic beaches of Thailand, namely Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket, or Koh Samui that are a perfect delight.

Muko Chang is the second largest island in Thailand that has over a dozen beaches, featuring beautiful sands, unspoiled coral reefs, and stunning landscape. In Krabi, due to the limestone ranges, most beaches have breathtaking sites that make you stay here forever. Some beaches, like Ko Lanta Yai, the Pran Buri Beach, and Ko Ngai are a retreat for those who are seeking for tranquility and natural sanctuary.

If you are an energetic soul, who loves thrilling adventures, then don’t think twice, just head to prominent beaches near Pattaya that offer all types of water-sport avenues, restaurants, clubs, and accommodations as well. On the contrary, if you love exciting nightlife, then Ko Samet is for you.

The resort towns of Cha-am and Hua Hin offer an extensive range of adventure sports. While on the other hand, Hat Rin on Ko Pha-ngan is widely known for its full moon parties.

If you want an everlasting fun, head to Phuket, which is the third largest island in Thailand. Hat Patong is the liveliest beach in Phuket, which is quite apt for people with every budget and mood.


Encounter the sheer beauty of Thailand that bounds to make you experience alive. Hop on an elephant’s back and ride through the awe-inspiring scenery of the wildlife sanctuaries of Thung Yai and Umphang. Not only this, you can even drift gently on a bamboo raft for a perfect thrilling adventure. If you’re an adventure buff, explore numerous adventure avenues, like rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, and rafting for an incredible experience. If you wish to explore the traditional lifestyle of Thai tribes, you can also stay with different ethnic groups such as Hmong, Akha, Karen, and Lisu.


Thailand is a great epitome of history, spirituality, culture, beauty, hospitality, and nature. I’ll surely make a trip to Thailand once more.

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