Best Guide to Dubai Airport

The Dubai airport ranked as one of the busiest airports in the world, which is spread over 7,200 acres of land. No doubt, the airport is quite busy for the new people as they are not aware of the airport facilities and other places. If you are traveling to Dubai airport, I would like to give the best guide that you should aware of.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Generally, there are three main terminals and the Dubai world central where,

Terminal 1

Terminal 1

handles all the international flights

Terminal 2

Terminal 2

handles all regional flights

Terminal 3

Terminal 3

handles Emirates, Qatar, Gulf, and Qantas.

Dubai Central: handles Gulf Airways, Qatar Airways, and Wizz Airways.

Traveling between the Terminals

In the Dubai airport, terminal 1 and terminal 3 are very well connected to each other; thus takes 5 to 30 minutes walk depending at which terminal you are. There is no need to worry, you can take the metro or round the clock free shuttle buses that operate after every 20 minutes. In case, if you are moving from terminal 2 first collect your luggage and move to the respective terminals with the help of public or private transport service. On the other hand, if you are traveling from Dubai world center to Dubai international or vice versa then get ready to cover 64 km by using the bus with your luggage.

Checking In and Out: If you want to get in and get out of the Dubai airport, then you should go for metered taxis. The taxis are usually cream in color driven by the female drivers. Not only this, you can even take metros from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 that are very much cost-effective and run frequently. However, if you are not interested in taking the cabs and metros, then you can avail the bus services.

Note: Make sure to purchase the NOI card from a nearby metro station as the buses do not accept cash.

Look for your Luggage: The terminal one and terminal three have luggage facility where you are charged according to hours, depending on the size of your luggage.

Shop On-the-Go: The airport has a duty-free mall at the Terminal 3, spread in the area of 2,600 square meters, which is beautiful in itself. It is one of the luxurious places where you can purchase electronics, Jewellery, gold, perfumes, etc. If you are fond of drinks, then this is the only official place where you can purchase alcohol. In case, if you think you are lucky enough, just try your hand at lotteries or raffles to win exciting prizes, like Porsche or Bentley.

Food and Entertainment: The private lounges and the food court offer you to enjoy a hot meal buffet and feel the relaxation on massage chairs. Here you can enjoy a hot meal buffet, shower, pamper yourself to avail the luxurious facilities ever. If you are looking for rest, don’t think twice, just ahead for the Snooze cube that offers a variety of mini rooms, equipped with the music, television, Wi-Fi, beds, etc.

At Terminal 1, between Gates C18-C22 and at terminal 3 between Gates A1-A24 and Gates B13-B19, there are free showers available.

Smoking and Non-smoking Zones: The airport has also a ventilated smoking area, especially for the smokers so that other people won’t discomfort. Some of the ventilated smoking rooms situated at Terminal 3- Gates A23, A2, B27, B7, C23, C9 and at Terminal 2 gates- departure gates and Terminal 1, there is only one gate D22.

Special Care for Persons with Disability: There are desks that are specifically meant for disabled persons between the rows A and B at the departure halls. Moreover, there are electric carts that help them to travel within the airport areas. Even, there are lounges especially for the disabled travelers near gate 9 and gate 22.

Banking Services: Multiple ATM’s presents in each of the terminal building that helps you to execute transactions. Also, there are 24-hour bureaux de charge facilities located near the gates 8, 18, 22 and 24. The Dubai duty-free also provides passengers with the numerous banking facilities and foreign exchange.

Medical Emergencies: There is a medical center that operates 24 * 7 and is situated near gate no. 3 of terminal 1. In addition, there are pharmacies located at various spots across the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

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