Best Boutique Hotels in Kerala for a Delightful Experience

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In the light of intensifying your travelling experience, I am picking out the best boutique hotels in Kerala. It will make your Kerala travel planning that much easier.

If you don’t witness these top five destinations in Kerala then your trip is futile.

Together with huge hills, crystal lakes, tranquil trees, and best boutique hotels in Kerala make it a perfect tourist destination for enjoyable and relaxed vacations. The beautiful state is surrounded by the lush green landscapes that give an alluring glimpse of nature. Furthermore, this state offers a memorable experience through its delectable dishes, music, traditional dance, and friendly natives. In addition to its appealing beauty, there are these best boutique hotels in Kerala that will make you remember the lavishness of the state.

Rainforest in Athirapally

Rainforest in Athirapally

This is the best boutique hotels in Kerala if you love to hear not only the chirping of the little birds in the morning but also the buzzing of bees and the surround sound of the waterfalls. The rainforests and waterfalls create a perfect combo to make the environment more wild and exotic. In addition to the recreation rooms bound to relax you, the resort also has a stunning swimming pool. You will be served top quality Kerala cuisines and can take part in fun activities. These activities include fishing, jungle safari, a visit to the famous Guruvayoor temple and many other things.

Location: PIV/93A, Kammamkuzhy P.O. Athirapally, via chalakuddy, Trichur

Price: Rs.12, 410 each night

Neeleshwar Hermitage

Neeleshwar Hermitage

Neeleshwar Hermitage is the second best boutique hotels in Kerala.

This lavish hermitage is situated in Northern Kerala, very close to the Arabian Sea. The place is surrounded by the beautiful landscape; thus making it one of the best boutique places to make your free from the chaos of the outside world. It is built according to the principles of the Kerala Vastu and features wood cottages with top-notch interior designs and all the convenient facilities. On the other side, lush beaches and spice gardens add a feel of the tranquil environment which is much required for the complete comfort.

Location: Dist. Kasargod, North Kerala

Price: Rs. 14, 553 per night.

Tissa’s Inn

The third best boutique hotel in Kerala is Tissa’s Inn.

The exotic culture and heritage of the Tissa’s Inn are bound to give you a delightful experience that you have dreamed. The luxurious lifestyle, Portuguese inspired accommodations, and numerous antique shops are cemented here. Tissa’s Inn is nestled in the heart of Kochi Fort. This striking hotel comprises of nine air-conditioned rooms, wellness center and a seafood restaurant that serves the best mouth-watering cuisines. If you have any unique interest in assembling the antiques, then this place is a worth for you.

Location: 1/1128, Kunnumpuram, Fort Kochi

Price: Rs. 4,214 each night.

Koder House

The fourth in the list of best boutique in Kerala comes Koder House.

This legendary boutique hotel in Cochin offers accommodation to the PM, presidents, and other renowned celebrities from India. This three-storeyed hotel offers several jaw-dropping moments that are loved by all the people. The interiors of the rooms are fully furnished with the teak wooden flooring, ceilings and stairways that give you a feel of the historic era. Also, it has a large swimming pool, spa, and a menorah restaurant that offer various lip-smacking cuisines cooked by professional chefs.

Location: Tower Road, Fort Kochi, Kerala

Price: Rs. 5,890 per night.

Brunton Boatyard

The fourth in the list of best boutique in Kerala comes Brunton Boatyard.

The place is famous for reflecting the city’s colourful yet thrilling past. In this boutique hotel, you will be able to witness the beautiful interior designs on the walls and floors. Also, the deluxe cabinets comprise of the finest collection of whiskey. The irresistible smell of the dishes will bound to pamper your taste buds. Moreover, the cool breeze near the hotel makes you refreshed throughout the day.

Location: 1/498, Calvetty Road, Fort Kochi, Cochin

Price: Rs. 9,000 per night.

Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village

The fifth in the list of best boutique in Kerala comes Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village.

Soma Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village provides the best Ayurvedic therapies. This hotel indeed healed my soul and filled my heart with happiness.

Amidst the stunning beauty of the sea and the lush green environment around, you can enjoy a different kind of oil therapies that soothes your soul and the body. Get the best consultation from the leading therapists who will guide you with a proper diet and herbal medications. The thing that I absolutely loved about this open-air restaurant is its diverse variety of vegetarian cuisines and different juices. Fresh and delicious food will make you feel refreshed from within.

Location: 1/498, Calvetty Road, Fort Kochi, Cochin

Price: Rs. 9,000 each night.

So, pack your bags travellers and stay in the best boutique hotel in Kerala. It is the best thing if you want to explore the culture and tradition of the God’s own country.

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